Debut Single "Ventriloquists" available NOW on most major music platforms!


Guitar-driven All-original Hard Rock

What People are Saying (Uncensored)

"I wish I lived over there so I could totally become a LaVaughn groupie since they go HARD! 🎶🎸🔥"

-- Tumblr user pidgyeeon  (Finland)

   [Honorary groupie]

"#This totally sounds like something that would have been on Sons of Anarchy  #Kinda feel like this would feel at home on something Ghost Rider related too." 

-- Tumblr user alfred-e-neuman  (Texas)

    [Re: Drag Me to Hell]

"I wish I could afford to have them play at my vow renewal reception....
It would be off the hook!!!"

-- Facebook user Doreen C.  (Ohio)

"Ummmmm yes, I’d like to download this IMMEDIATELY, please. #that fucking rocks"

-- Tumblr user sherlockfreak05  (North Carolina)

"Y'all need to listen Lavaughn!! Their music is incredible! Props"

-- Facebook user Shawn H.  (Ohio)

"I dig the whole band. They have a tight original sound."

-- Facebook user Garrett G.  (Ohio)

"Dope man! Crunchy sound"

--  Instagram user tfthband  (Seattle, WA)

"#oh fuck  #i nutted"

-- Tumblr user localgoblin  (Georgia, USA)

"This is good shit. Hooked me from the first 2 notes. That's how new music is done."

-- Facebook user Terry C.  (Ohio)

"Saw you guys on Reddit and I dug it. Clean hard rock sound. I play in mundane nation about an hour outside of Nashville. If you all are ever in the area we'd be happy to gig with yall 🤘" 

-- Ed Huzyak, Mundane Nation  (Nashville)

"Oh shiiittt"

-- Instagram user poetry_bailey_art